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Surfing the web
You may find it difficult to keep up with things your child is doing on the web, you may be wondering whether what they are doing is safe?

Remember that surfing the web can be fun but it can also be dangerous.

So what can you do?

  • Explain to your child that he/she should NOT give out personal information over the internet.
  • Check the history of the sites that your child has visited.
  • Installing parental control software on your computer that allows you to block access to certain types of website.
  • Look out for changes that may signal your child is being bullied or abused. These can include loss of confidence, anxiety or argumentativeness.

Individuals use the internet to talk to people in a number of different ways. Chatting online can feel different to chatting face-to-face. It can be easier to say and reveal things that you wouldn’t in the real world.

These are just some of the ways you can talk to people over the internet:

E-mail: Is a method of exchanging digital messages to one or more recipients
Instant Messaging: (IM) is instant text chat between two or more people.
Webcam: Let you see the person you’re talking to while you’re chatting.
Chat Rooms: Is a forum where groups of people meet to chat online
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc): Websites/Tools which allows individuals to create, share and exchange information

Can you pass the internet safety quiz?

Stop it Now! Wales

Stop it Now! Wales is a child sexual abuse prevention programme funded by the Welsh Government and the Lucy Faithfull foundation. We work to protect children and young people from sexual abuse by working with parents and carers and multi-agency professionals as well as members of the public through awareness raising and education.

At the bottom of this page their are details of the sessions Stop it Now! Wales can provide.


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