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Out and About

Keeping safe on the streets with your children
Here are some key points to staying safe on the streets:

  1. Stay alert, and keep personal stereos / MP3 / ipod players turned off, so you can hear what's going on around you.
  2. Stick to busy, well - lit roads, and avoid short cuts through alleyways.
  3. If you think that someone is following you, then you should cross the road or go to a place where theres lots of people around, like a bus stop or shop.
  4. If someone tries to take something from you, never fight.

While you are out with your children
Following these points should give you a peace of mind:

  1. Try to keep your children within your sight
  2. Use reins for your toddler - these will keep your child nearby
  3. Make sure you all travel together in the same train carriage, or have seats close together on a bus or coach
  4. Always go with your child into public toilets
  5. Remind your child never to talk to strangers

If a child gets lost
In the event that a child gets separated from you, it’s beneficial if they have an idea what to do - whether they should stay where they are, call home or go to a meeting point. Discuss the options with your child and work out what you both think would be the best.

Here is a list of websites of how to stay safe:

Information and advice for families



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