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Working in Childcare

Are you good with children?
Are they relaxed in your company?
Do you find it easy to capture their imagination with activities and role-play?

If you do, then maybe you’ve found your true vocation in life. What could be more rewarding than spending your time at work in the company of young children, helping them to learn about themselves and the world around them?

Here you will find information how to become a registered childminder, start a nursery, work in out of school clubs and much more. The booklet 'Rewarding careers helping children play, learn and grow' is also attached at the bottom of the page, it's been produced to give you a real insight into the rewards and challenges you can expect when working with young children.


Level 1 – Introductory Level
If you have little or no experience working with children, this is for you. You’ll be given work placements to gain practical experience or be presented with the opportunity to train as you work in an apprenticeship role.
Level 2 – Certificate Level
This is the qualification you will need if you want to work under supervision as a classroom assistant, nursery assistant, playworker, cylch meithrin assistant, playgroup assistant or out of school playworker, for example.
Level 3 – Diploma Level
Gaining this qualification will allow you to work using your own initiative, planning, organizing and supervising others. You could be a classroom assistant, nursery practitioner, or playgroup or cylch meithrin leader, for instance.
Level 4 – Management Level
This is for experienced practitioners carrying out managerial tasks. Reach this skill level to improve your skills as a manager of an integrated centre, nursery,
cylch meithrin or playgroup.
Level 5 – Foundation Degree and above
This is the qualification that will help you gain the skills you need to manage at a strategic level. You could be running an integrated children’s centre or be leading a local authority play department and managing at a strategic level.
Working through the medium of Welsh
If you chose to work in a Welsh-medium, bilingual school or cylch meithrin setting there are two training programmes available. Cam wrth Gam can help you gain up to a Level 3 qualification and can also help you develop your Welsh language skills. Geiriau Bach can help you gain a Level 4 qualification. FE colleges will also sometimes offer early years qualifications through the medium of Welsh. For a full list of the accepted qualifications for the early years and childcare workforce please visit

Extension of childcare regulations

From 1 April 2016 the age range for registration of childcare and play in Wales will be extended from 8 to 12 years.

All childcare and play provision, including (child minders, day care services, after school clubs, holiday play schemes and play provision) for children under 12 years old, operating for more than 2 hours a day, will be regulated and inspected by CSSIW.

The changes bring the systems for registration in Wales in line with other parts of the UK, and align with the new Tax Free Childcare scheme to be introduced in 2017.

Visit the CSSIW website for details.
See the information leaflet at the end of this page

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