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Gwynedd and Anglesey Asperger / Autism Support Group

Monthly open meetings are held to give everyone the chance to discuss issues in a friendly, informal environment.
The group's main aim is to provide support for individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their families. We welcome people with an interest in:
- Supporting carers
- Improving services
- Educating people
- Helping to provide amenities to enable those with ASD to socialise and have fun

For more information:
Phone: 01248 364015

World Autism Awareness Day -
2nd April (Annually)

This April World Autism Awareness Day will be in it's ninth year running!

It's difficult to pinpoint an autism defenition. The condition varies in how severley it affects peoples lives. To them the world is 'a mass of people, places and events which they struggle to make sense of, and which can cause them considerable anxiety.'

While to most people interacting with other people come naturally, it can be confusing and sometimes frustrating for those who are autisitc. For example, jokes and tone of voice can be misinterpreted.

This can sometimes make people seem insensitive, especially as they are unable to gage how a person is feeling, and the usual give-and-take manner of a conversation misunderstood.

And, while there is currently no cure, it is important that autism is diagnosed so that the proper services and support are available to help sufferers and their families.

So what can we do to raise awareness this April? A really simple way of getting involved is to like the World Autism Awareness Day Facebook page:

Another way to get involved is to Light Blue for autism! In 2015 more than 18000 iconic buildings in over 142 countries were lit up in blue to show how connected people are worldwide in raising awareness to autism. From the Empire State Building in New York to the Niagra Falls in Canada and Burj Al Arab in Dubai. What a spectacular sight!

If you decide to get involved, remember to post your event on the World Autism Awareness Day Facebook page.

Keep an eye on the official page for updates on 2015 events

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