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Flying Start

What is the Flying Start Programme?       

Flying Start is a Welsh Government project which is offered within 6 catchment areas in Gwynedd. The project works with children under 4 years old and it aims to improve the skills of children by preparing them for school, as well as preparing them for life in general.

Flying Start also offers additional support for parents to help them as their children grow and develop.

Where is Flying Start available?

The Scheme targets specific wards within Gwynedd.

If you live within wards in the area of Glancegin (Bangor), Marchog 1 and 2, Maesincla (Caernarfon), in the Peblig and Cadnant wards, the Maenofferen and Diffwys (Blaenau Ffestiniog) wards, the Gerlan Ward in the Bethesda area, the wards of Talysarn, Llanllyfni and Clynnog and the Dolgellau (South) ward. 

Depending on whether or not your postcode is within the above Wards, it is possible that you will be eligible to be part of the scheme – in order to check, please contact the Flying Start head office in Plas Pawb - 01286 678 824 or e-mail

If you are not eligible for Flying Start, it is possible that other services will be available for you. Contact Gwynedd Ni to find out more.

What is available through Flying Start?       

There are four main elements to the Flying Start scheme:

Health Visitors:
Our Team of Health Visitors has a lower caseload than usual. This means that they can offer intensive service for the families and spend more time with individual families, supporting and assisting parents as their children develop. The broader health Team offers various groups such as the Baby Massage groups and health promotion sessions.

It is possible that your child will be eligible to receive free part-time childcare. Our childcare provisions, within Flying Start areas, offer quality sessions – 12.5 hours, for 39 weeks for children between 2-3 years old. This provision is being offered at our Childcare settings in order to ensure the best quality.  

Glancegin (Bangor) - Marchog 1 and 2
     - Cylch meithrin Caban Cegin

Maesincla (Caernarfon) - Peblig and Cadnant wards
     - Cylch Meithrin Maesincla
     - Cylch Seiont a Pheblig
     - Plas Pawb Nursery

Blaenau Ffestiniog - Maenofferen and Diffwys ward
     - Caban Bach Nursery (Blaenau Ffestiniog)

Bethesda - Gerlan ward
     - Cylch Cefnfaes
     - Ogwen Nursery

Talysarn, Llanllyfni and Clynnog Ward
     - Cylch Talysarn
     - Cylch Llanllyfni
     - Cylch Carmel
     - Cylch Brynaerau

Dolgellau (South) Ward
     - Cylch Meithrin Dolgellau

Speech, Language and Communication
There is a Team of experienced officers within the Programme who are located within Flying Start areas. They offer specialist 1:1 sessions in the home or at one of the Flying Start locations. Specialist guidance and input is offered from the Speech and Language Therapist.

Officers will collaborate closely with other members of the broader Team and offer group sessions to develop playing skills and Early Development.

Parenting Support - Support is offered from a Team of specialist officers who are located within Flying Start areas.
1:1 sessions are provided in the home offering support on bringing up children, assistance and guidance to solve problems such as the situation at home. Group sessions are held for parents - such as Incredible Years and Nurture Links.

And more...
Flying Start also works closely with a number of other services to support children and families who live within our catchment areas. Gwynedd’s two integrated children centres play key roles, with Plas Pawb in Maesincla and Caban Bach Barnardo's in Maenofferen, and the Tŷ Cegin family centre in Maesgeirchen providing courses, childcare and opportunities to play and socialise. The scheme also works closely with projects such as Families First, Communities First and others to offer additional opportunities and experiences.

How can I get more information about Flying Start?     
Your Health Visitor is your main contact to obtain information about Flying Start. If you live in one of our wards they will ask you to complete a registration form and then we will provide you with information about relevant groups and sessions, information about local Childcare and refer you to a specific service as required.

You can also contact the central team on 01286 678 824 / for more information.

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