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A number of tools are available on this website to make it more accessible to users.


Changing text size
The website can be viewed in one of three text sizes by clicking on one of three 'A' letters found on the left hand side, above the 'Home' button.

It is also possible to change text size by changing the settings in your browser:

Internet Explorer: View > Text Size > choose size
Welsh Language Mozilla Firefox: Golwg > Chwyddo > Chwyddo Mewn / Chwyddo Allan 
Mozilla Firefox: View > Zoom > Zoom In / Zoom Out 
Opera: View > Zoom > choose your zoom


Access Keys
Access keys can be used if you do not wish to use a mouse to browse through certain parts of the website. Access keys are only supported in Netscape 6 and above and Internet Explorer 4 and above.

To use these shortcuts, follow the steps below:

i) Press and hold the Alt key (Macintosh users should press Ctrl rather than Alt)
ii) Press the number that corresponds to the page you require - refer to the list of access keys below. You should use the numbers above the letters (rather than those on the right hand side) on your keyboard.
iii) Press Return. access keys:

0 – Home page
1 – Accessibility
2 – Privacy and Cookies
3 – Terms

We welcome your views on how easy the website is to use. Please send your comments to

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