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Promoting Voices

The provision is seperated into 3 sections:

Part 1
• Evaluate services to children, young people and families in Gwynedd
• Children and Young people groups – meet up to 6 times a year / available to evaluate 15 services a year
• Family groups – meet up to 8 times a year – meeting across the county to gather views on services they receive, in order to feed into the families first programme for the strategic leadership and frontline services.

Part 2
• Consult with children and young people by organising up to 6 consultation events across the counties – including those within the Families First programme or specific groups when needed (again helps to guide the design of future services)

Part 3
• Identify 4 days to work towards promoting and raising awareness during the year
• Contribute towards local meetings that promote the voice of children, young people and families

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